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Learn more about what becoming a Mentor is like, and why it is awesome.

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Being a Mentor is easy and rewarding.

“Richard (my Mentee) loves learning new information. He makes me want to learn new things too.” -Makayla

“I love this so much, I love helping people and this is a wonderful program for that” -Haley

“Sally is a sloth lover like me!” -Aubreigh

“It’s important for our generation to make the older generation feel more confident and safe with technology” -Pablo

“I’ve improved on my conversation skills, specifically with adding more to the conversation” -Cady

“My Mentee was wonderful- warm, passionate and encouraged me to use my privilege on behalf of others” -Diamond

“Every time I come I realize how much I want to continue studying to be a teacher” -Sophie

“He was friends with Bob Dylan... I LOVE Bob Dylan” -Monique

“I really loved being able to help someone else. It was also so nice to talk to someone of a generation I normally don't interact with” -Ella

“It's fun and I've now had 3 people offer me networking and/or jobs” -Georgia

“Cliff is an incredible photographer! I loved seeing his pictures and hearing where he and his wife have traveled. He also really put my mind at ease about graduation” -Ellen

What’s included.

Breakfast & bottomless coffee

Mentor preparation

Connections and friendships

Knowledge and wisdom!


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A brief look into what volunteering at a Generation Exchange workshop is like.