Our Mission

We believe that technology should be easy and accessible for everyone, no exceptions. But our rapid technological evolution has created a generation gap, to the detriment of all age groups. While this gap disempowers and isolates older generations, it in turn creates barriers for students to connect with the wealth of insight and experience that older generations have to offer.  While older participants in The Generation Exchange have been delighted with their new-found “techno” confidence and abilities, younger participants find a missing dimension, having repeatedly expressed their appreciation for new levels of connection to their partners in the program, and ultimately the older generations in their own personal lives.

The one-on-one interactions in The Generation Exchange workshops are mutually beneficial: they challenge the perceptions that separate generations. Participants at both ends of the age spectrum have so much to exchange and learn from each other, specifically when it comes to technology, outlook, perspective, and new ways for all of us to love our lives even more.



We believe that empowerment directly contributes to quality of living, especially the fundamentals of well-being : connectedness, security and vitality.  We believe that every individual should have the opportunity for self-empowerment, and that no one should be left behind by technology.


We believe that interpersonal exchange is a powerful and fundamental path to empowerment and well-being.  Authentic respect is the prerequisite for constructive interpersonal exchange.




Our beliefs hold that honesty is the best path, directness works best, and openness fosters success.  This holds true within our team and in our relationships with those outside our team.  We believe that transparency opens possibilities and invites partnership.