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Do you want answers about using the “digital devices” in your life?

We are a group of volunteers who love helping adults 40+ that have questions about more easily using the technology that has made its way into all our lives. We are the Generation Exchange. 

What we do. 
We host Saturday morning workshops where we pair you with a patient volunteer student. This one-to-one conversation is paced by you and your interests; no curriculum, no training program, simply answers for you, guided by you. Any device. Any question.

Why we do it.
We value all generations, and we believe in a world where everyone finds their own comfort level with technology - as merely a tool to do whatever we each want from it. When different generations share their strengths, we all are better. 

Past participants have been delighted with their newly found ease and skill! Not to mention the great deal of empowerment gained in each session.

The university of colorado- Boulder’s gorgeous new CMCI Studio
1301 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO

10:30am - 12:30pm

Hot and Fresh Breakfast Burritos
Bottomless coffee

Genuine Friendships

Priceless knowledge! 


The Generation Exchange exists to make technology easier for everyone. Like Sara.


“I am gradually getting to learn how I can use technology in my life to serve me. Generation Exchange is a very relaxed and supportive environment where I can learn at my pace” -Galina

“Awesome to have assistance & learn together AND be with young people” -Judi

“I have come away from this session feeling that I can learn new technology” -Veronica

“It’s free and professionally run. Mentors are very knowledgeable” -Liz

“I can’t wait to show off to my kids” -Judy

“I am now more tolerant of technology thanks to exposure to a more grateful perspective” -Pamela

“Best opportunity to learn with one teacher, privately” -Judy

“Loved seeing so many people connecting with warmth & value” -Deb

“It is an excellent program, working one-on-one can lead to great results” -Mary

“It is a perfect learning environment” -Cathy

“I got great answers, time to practice, and no curriculum so we just flowed!” -Siga

“My Mentor was a totally amazing young, patient, well spoken person” -Carolyn

“Love the support and the room vibe” -Robert

“Rose (my Mentor) was incredible!!! My children and grandchildren are not as patient as Rose” -Roberta


10:30am - 12:30pm


1301 Walnut Street

Boulder, CO

what's included?

No Curriculum


Breakfast & Coffee

FREE workshop

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