Community Conduct Form

Everything we do and believe at Generation Exchange is based on a community of respect and trust. It is of utmost consequence that we sustain those values at all times within the Generation Exchange community. As such, we respectfully ask each participant as well as our partners to commit to these principles and code of conduct :

Integrity is vital. This means respecting your partner regarding security issues such as passwords and log-ins as well as other confidential information. In other words, please do not put your Mentor or Mentee in a compromised position by either offering or requesting such confidential information.

Inclusion is a given. Generation Exchange is driven by the intention of bringing empowerment and connection to as many as wish it and seek it (...that we can accommodate !) At times we must limit participants based on space and resources, but we never do so on the basis of ability, financial means, race, color, national origin, sex or religion.

Consideration is a necessary element of respect and trust. We strive and succeed in maintaining a space that is encouraging and reassuring to all participants. We retain the sole right of determining when inconsiderate behavior disturbs the space or participants in Generation Exchange workshops. We will do our best to express this concern to the participant who is the source of the disruption, and we will seek to resolve it, but if not resolved we necessarily will require the participant to leave the workshop at that time.

We thank you most sincerely for your commitment to Generation Exchange and our wonderful community.

Welcome !